Cupid’s Kryptonite: An Ode to Garlic

Winter, Spicy, Holiday

About this Recipe

I was so intrigued by the idea of garlic whiskey. But … garlic … in a cocktail? I mean the breath! Cocktails are usually something we enjoy with others. An anti-romance Valentine’s cocktail seemed the perfect occasion for such a drink. It’s perfect for warding off vampires… and cupid.



Use the balsamic vinegar sparingly. It adds a nice touch of flavor, but too much and you’ll have yourself a salad dressing. Which, hey, maybe that’s not a bad idea…

The garlic whiskey is also fantastic in a bloody mary. They sell a great mix at Verdi Local Distillery.


Shake it up

Though it took me a while to perfect this recipe, it’s actually quite simple. Shake all the above ingredients with ice for 15 seconds or so.

Make it Pretty

Pour into a maritini glass and garnish as your heart desires. I used a pepper from the pickle jar. Pickled garlic cloves or a garlic stuffed olive would also be perfect. Be creative!